You Need to Know... Gosteleradio


You Need to Know... Gosteleradio

How many times have you been told a band sounds like one of the classics, only to be disappointed? Those descriptions of "band X jamming with band Y" that never equate to Band Z? (Yeah, maths...) Well Gosteleradio (pronounced Goss-tel-ee-radio) not only fulfil those excitable depictions, they don't leave you disappointed either.

Ready? Imagine The Beatles holed up in California's Laurel Canyon circa '77, jamming on Dark Side Of The Moon. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

Gosteleradio's colourful, unhurried tunes are populated with spacey guitars, gently lapping mellotrons and closely stacked harmonies voicing rich lyrics that invite comparisons to the '60s and '70s hey-day of 'head music.' Though they play psychedelia-infused pop, they're no fawningly retro tribute act either. They invite the ears into a kaleidoscopic world of rich aural detail and classy production, rather than any nostalgic lure - a product of their influences, not hamstrung by them.

An underrated part of the local music scene since the release of their striking debut Great Deeds Against The Dead, Gosteleradio are perhaps one of Melbourne's best kept secrets. Having released a follow-up to their introductory album last year in the form of a self-titled EP, the quartet are gearing up to head back out on the road with a newly re-arranged lineup and some newer material planned for the back-half of the year.

Chances are that, off the strength of their intoxicating material and professional live show, they won't remain a secret for much longer. Whispers of their greatness will soon grow to shouts, and your first chance to join the chorus comes at the end of the month when they play The Old Bar.

THE EVERGUIDE EIGHT... with Gosteleradio

As answered by Ben (singer/guitarist)

What was the last bit of music you purchased?
Pond - Beard, Wives, Denim.

Describe your live show to someone who's never seen it?
The genius of the modern age is that I can avoid this question with this:

If you could collaborate/tour with anyone - alive or dead - who would it be?
Wayne Coyne [of The Flaming Lips]. Good hair, good bloke.

What helps a band succeed in today's music climate?
Having played in bands for nearly eight years, I can confidently say I have no idea.

Describe the best and worst thing about Australian music?
I think that nowadays what's going on here tends to reflect what's going on internationally (and vice versa), so perhaps national distinctions aren't quite what they were. Having said that, Meredith is one of the best things about Australia, let alone Australian music...

If you had to cover a TV theme tune - what would it be?
Easy. Different Strokes. Every time.

Tell us your most memorable live moment?
We once had to come off stage after just one song due to a laptop crashing, which is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What's next for Gosteleradio?
Playing with the very excellent Jimmy Hawk and the Endless Party at the end of the month!

WORDS: Alister Newstead

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