Couturing Guest Post: Dressing "Festival" in the Real World


Couturing Guest Post: Dressing "Festival" in the Real World

Running an online fashion media source dedicated to promoting high end Australian retailers and designers means I am purchasing a lot of blazers for meetings and trying to dress them down with something like chinos. This says I’m “businessy” but still on mode. This is my daily struggle because I am obsessed with “festival-wear”. Having spent the best part of the last three years in and out of festivals, I always re-enter the real world trying to bring back a piece of the festival’s relaxed approach to apparel with me. I like to think that I have had moderate success in doing so, which is why I would like to present a how to guide on dressing festival for the real world.

You can totally mix feathers with corporate wear!

Feathers are the symbol of many festivals - live young, fly free bla bla, and when at a festival, feathers are must have. Be prepared to be envied when your all-feather headband attracts the attention of all those watching Kimbra. “That’s right,” you’ll say, “it’s all feather and even Kimbra doesn’t have one.” How to apply to the “real world?” Ladies - team a cute pair of feather earrings with a corporate blazer and summery dress for those balmy summer afternoon meetings or even combine a feather clip-in with a messy bun on those “I-just-got-out-of-bed-10-minutes-ago-but-still-kill-whatever-it-is-I-am-wearing” days.

Like a festival, hair must have life.
At many festivals, what you do with your hair is key. The rattier, the more tired, the dirtier and unwashed, the better! You need to look like you have been living the festival life for years - it is after all just another festival for you... sigh! There are a few must-have products that will get your hair looking festival-ly but still says I’m clean, gorgeous and so flawlessly natural! KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray will make your hair look like it’s just come from the beach with an awesome natural grit and texture. Also - for those of you with flat or oily air, KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray is like a dry shampoo which will obviously take away all that oiliness and actually gives surprisingly great volume to flat hair. Important because nothing says I’m overworked (which is not in the festival lifestyle) than oily, flat and lifeless hair!

The golden rule of sunglasses
This rule can be applied to festival dress wear as well, but when choosing sunglasses, choose wisely as these are undoubtably your most important accessory. At any festival most people will be dressed in the staples - an Americana top, ripped denim shorts or a Vans cap to name a few, however most people purchase a cheapy pair of sunglasses and I’m telling you now, please don’t do so! Like at a festival your pair of sunglasses say so much about you in the real world. They sit in the middle of your face! For a festival look in the real world on a budget try Henry Holland for Le Specs who is making great unique shapes and is guaranteed to get tongues wagging, or for something a bit safer anything Ray-Ban from OPSM is the more traditional festival sunglass staple!

Start with these three simple tips, and over time you’ll develop your festival wardrobe for the real world. But the question remains, why is it appropriate at a festival? The answer - because no one cares and you can! Apply this confidence to the real world and trust me, this won’t be the end of your experimentation.

WORDS: Thom Whilton
Thom Whilton is the manager/director of fashion website
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