Blink-182 Sidewaves Won't Include Travis


Blink-182 Sidewaves Won't Include Travis

* UPDATE 17/2 *

In a lengthy statement on their Facebook page Blink-182 have revealed today that drummer Travis Barker won't be coming to Australia for Soundwave festival. He'll instead by replaced by Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion, widely considered one of the best drummers in the biz.

The statement from the band reads: The trip to Australia was planned during our European tour last summer. The band knew the chances of Travis overcoming his fear of flying, which was magnified after the horrible plane crash in 2008, would be a challenge, but we wanted to play for our fans in Australia nonetheless. The three of us tried all measures to get us all there in full form. Travis has been working to overcome his fear of flying. Since we now know we have to make the trip without Travis our friend Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion, Tenacious D) has stepped in. We love our fans in Australia so canceling was not an option so we still plan to come and play some kick ass shows. Mark, Tom, and Travis

Barker's appearance on our shores was uncertain from the beginning, with him initially saying he wouldn't be joining his bandmates as he 'doesn't fly', then stating that he plans to overcome his fear of flying and was "contemplating getting knocked out and getting on a plane to Australia." Unfortunately drugs and therapy just weren't enough. 

Addressing many fans' disappointment and (somewhat unwarranted) anger towards the lineup change, Barker posted a personal apology on Facebook later in the day: I’m sorry to announce i won’t be joining Blink-182 on this Australian tour. I still haven’t gotten over the horrific events that took place the last time i flew when my plane crashed and 4 people were killed, two being my best friends. I gave the band my blessing to take another drummer if they still wanted to do the tour without me. I hope to come to Australia again some day perhaps by ship if need be. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a boat that worked with the schedule this time around. Once again I’m sorry to all the fans.

* UPDATE 11/10 *



And it's officially official! No more rumours, no more false starts: Blink-182 have announced via their Facebook page the dates and venues for their 2013 Sidewaves. The three shows will be all ages events, with details as follows:

Wednesday 20 February – Allphones Arena, Sydney *SOLD OUT*
Friday 22 February – RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*
Tuesday 26 February – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*
Wednesday 27 February - Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Supporting the band will be The Vandals out of Southern California and British rock 'n' rollers Sharks. Tickets go on sale Thursday 18 October at 9am.


* UPDATE 26/9 *


Wahh sorry to get your hopes up y'all, it looks like we jumped the gun on this one. Turns out the sidewave dates that were announced earlier this morning aren't so official after all. Soundwave promoters have made it clear that no shows have been locked in as yet, and Triple M have since removed the post from their site. 

Keep your ears and eyes peeled though, because the actual, real, official information should be coming in the very near future.



Blink-182 for all! Well, almost. Four sideshows have been announced this morning via Triple M around the pop-punk trio's Soundwave appearance. We've only got dates at the moment (venues will be revealed on Friday), but the details are as follows:

Friday 22 February - Brisbane
Tuesday 26 February - Melbourne
Wednesday 6 March - Adelaide
Friday 8 March - Sydney


In the least surprising news today, GA Soundwave tickets for Melbourne and Brisbane sold out faster than a Slayer riff (and we’re guessing the other states ain’t far off either). This has potentially left you in one of two camps: either camp a) YEAHIMGOINGTOSOUNDWAVEMOFOS! or camp b) FML What do I gotta do to get to Soundwave next year?!? Blink 182 are totes my favourite band ever. I’ve gotta be there for Travis! Well, dry your eye sentimental pop punk fans - you’ve been thrown a lifeline with the announcement of a Blink 182 sidewave in Brisbane.

Twitterholic and Soundwave boss AJ Maddah took to the social media platform earlier today to announce the Blink 182 Brisbane sideshow, stating: ‘it’s happening. Friday night before SW, Riverstage’. According to AJ tickets for the all-ages show will be priced between $95 – 110, but c’mon, can you really put a price on the warm fuzzies that come with singing all the smutty words to Dude Ranch with your high school punk crushes? They haven’t been here since 2004, so we’ve all got a lot of catching up to do with the pop-punk heroes.

Rightio, we can basically hear the rest of you guys from other capitals screaming at your computer, “What about a Blink 182 sideshow in _________________?!” Don’t flip out. Deep breaths. Still with us? Cool, because AJ says he’s “working on” a Melbourne Blink sidewave and that Blink will “most likely “ [play a Sidewave show] in Sydney” too. Fingers and toes crossed guys. Send out the good vibrations and maybe we can connect with Blink telepathically and make this happen quicker.

No word on supports for these shows yet – but given how big the Soundwave lineup is, we’re guessing they’ll be something pretty special.

We’ll keep you updated with details when they become available, in the meantime check out our Six Degrees of Soundwave for some useful Soundwave trivia.

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