AC/DC Confirm New Record & Tour For 2013


AC/DC Confirm New Record & Tour For 2013

After the swirl of hype earlier this year surrounding a new record and tour for AC/DC, this morning James Young – Triple M’s music reporter and owner of Cherry Bar – revealed that both have been confirmed for 2013. 

Earlier in the year the group were in the midst of speculation, with singer Brian Johnson commenting in January that one of their members was ill which had affected work on the new studio album. On top of this guitarist Malcolm Young remarked in May that a new record would be at least a year or two off.

With 2013 marking the 40th anniversary for the heavy metal pioneers, it seems like the perfect time for the anticipated record and tour to go ahead.

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and stay tuned for what we hope will be a tour announcement.

WORDS: Anna Horan
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