Top Fives with Softwar


Top Fives with Softwar

When Mixmag, Resident Advisor and BBC Radio 1 are giving you top marks, you know you’re onto something good. Yep, Softwar are kicking goals; whether it’s as part of their residency at Sydney club night Slow Blow, having their singles picked up by tastemaker Frenchies Kitsune, or reeling in praise for their latest EP This Time Around. Gearing up for Parklife in a few weeks, we got them on the blower for some Top Fives.

Bianca Fioritti: '90s house is obviously a big influence on your sound. What are the Top Five things to come out of the ‘90s?

- Inner city

- Proper drugs

- Super Nintendo

- Seinfeld

- Microwaved entrees

BF: You have a track brilliantly titled ‘Pizza in the Ether’. What are your Top Five pizza-related memories?
SW: This is a good question. Thank you. Really appreciate it. One to five listed below for you perusal:

1. First time we ate meat lovers with BBQ sauce – It was a revelation and moment of clarity

2. Five Cheese Pizza - We had this in London and will never forget this moment.

3. Sicily about three years ago, Cantini beach - Let me just say the prawn pizza coupled with the afternoon... pure bliss.

4. We have never forgotten that time in Little Italy, New York - you know who you are.

5. Can we say calzone?

BF: Your music is all about smooth party vibes. So taking a turn in the complete opposite direction, what are your Top Five songs to listen to when you’re angry?

1. 'Paranoid' - Black Sabbath

2. 'Master of Puppets' – Metallica

3. 'Angel of Death' – Slayer

4. 'Hell Awaits' – Slayer

5. 'Screaming For Vengeance' - Judas Priest

BF: This year you’ve been releasing free regular mixes on Soundcloud called the ‘Colour Flight Mix Series’. What are the Top Five most colourful things to have happened to Softwar this year?

- Jeremy dyed his hair.

- Jeremy purchased a purple shirt.

- Jeremy entered the Mardi Gras.

- Jeremy likes mixed soda. All colours.

- Jeremy purchased multi-coloured silk pants.

BF: You’re playing Parklife! Assuming set clashes and the likelihood of spending the whole time making the most of your AAA passes* didn’t exist: What are the Top Five songs you’re looking forward to hearing live at Parklife and why?

*ie. spending the afternoon loading up on free catering and hatching plans to stage invade The Presets.

1. ‘Without You’ – Art Department

2. ‘Elephant’ – Tame Impala

3. ‘Youth In Trouble’ – The Presets

4. ‘U Got Me’ – Lee Foss

5. Actually every Tame Impala track...

WORDS: Bianca Fioritti

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