The 79th Annual Wee Waa Show Headlined by... Daft Punk?


The 79th Annual Wee Waa Show Headlined by... Daft Punk?

Sublimely ridiculous news for Daft Punk fans in Australia: apparently the duo will be launching their new record Random Access Memories in the NSW regional town of Wee Waa. According to the Herald Sun and the town's own website, Daft Punk will headline the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show held on Friday 17 May - the same day the album is due out.

Sony Music are said to have approached the robotic DJs' representatives and the town council with the idea of staging the global launch party in Wee Waa, which would be in keeping with Daft Punk's aethetic of breaking down barriers. (It's also just been confirmed Sony Music have bought the domain:

What we can't get over (if this isn't an elaborate, and seriously late April Fool's joke) is how wonderfully naive the Wee Waa town website's description of the event is:

"This year’s event will be highly anticipated with the announcement of Daft Punk, a French band with millions of fans world-wide, having chosen the Wee Waa Show to become the official global site for the launch of their new album on Friday 17 May 2013.

Click here to listen Daft Funk - One More Time and more

This event will see national media and many fans descend on the Wee Waa show to enjoy the spectacle. The Wee Waa Show will host a playback of the new album to a packed audience for the 'global launch party.'

It is expected people will travel from far and wide to attend the show. Tickets will be limited to 4000 but members of the Wee Waa Show Society will be guaranteed tickets. All other tickets will be on sale on The Crossing Theatre website from Friday 12 April 2013

More details on accommodation options for the event will be provided shortly."

Pretty adorbs, right? But guys, Daft Punk's appearance "is just one fantastic part of the Wee Waa Show program." The Cotton capital of Australia and setting for the local film, The Dish, won't be stopping at the electro duo for the Wee Waa Show. In particular, we're looking forward to "the pet show, dog high jump, showgirl competition, cross cut saw competition, [and] fireworks." There will also be the Wee Waa Talent competition, trade space exhibits and the annual mouse racing competition.

Time to sign up for the Wee Waa Show Society.
By ANNABANANA, 09 April 2013
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