Bulmers Best of Edinburgh Fest Tour


Bulmers Best of Edinburgh Fest Tour

They say laughter is like medicine, but if you're in stitches, perhaps you've laughed too hard and should consider more conventional methods of treatment. For the truly unwell, the 2012 Bulmers Best of Edinburgh Fest at the Melbourne International Comedy and Adelaide Fringe Festivals could just be your cure.

Every year, The Bulmers Best of Edinburgh Fest tour showcases three of the best acts from the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Dave Callan, Tom Green, Sam Simmons: these are all comedians who have not appeared in the Best of Edinburgh (though you can catch them on the comedy festival circuit). Dylan Moran, Ross Noble and Arj Barker, however, all sit in the Best of Edinburgh Hall of Fame, proving the quality of talent these performances foster are astronomically high.

This year, the event showcases four of England's finest newcomers: Jimmy McGhie, John Fothergill, Tom Allen (exclusively in Adelaide) and Joe Rowntree (Melbourne only). Each has received a pile of different awards and nominations for their performances, and in turn you, the audience, have been awarded with three top-notch acts for the price of one.

This comedy spotlight is not one to be missed. Chickens are crossing roads everywhere to catch these gigs, so you too should be a chicken, cluck off what you're doing, take a peck at what's on offer and lay yourself on the line.

Adelaide shows run Thursday 23 February through Sunday March 18 before heading to Melbourne on Thursday 29 March until Sunday April 22.

WORDS: Jono Sasson
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