Bulmers Best of the Edinburgh Fest, Hi-Fi Bar, April 5


Bulmers Best of the Edinburgh Fest, Hi-Fi Bar, April 5

Lizotte's Restaurant , 24 May 2012

Thanks to Melbourne's delightful public transport system, it was a mad dash down Swanston Street to get to the Hi-Fi for Bulmers Best of Edinburgh. Of course, the city was abuzz with fellow comedy connoisseurs in the midst of the MICF, so the mad dash ended up being more of a weaving shuffle and a bunch of 'excuse mes’.

Never fear, it was all worth it in the end as upon walking in, there you have Joe Rowntree simulating masturbation onstage. And then something about Julia Gillard. Out of context due to lateness, but still worthy of a cheer. A good poke at a gentleman in the audience from Oklahoma was then taken well (no, no, we've moved on from the sex jokes at this point), and became an ongoing theme of the evening.

Jimmy McGhie was up next and this rather posh Londoner took us through a cultural journey of our very own city, notably our surplus of swimming pools and the inclusion of walking lanes in them, and the Melbourne icon that is the humble cyclist community. Jimmy rode an imaginary bike as he told us about the two distinct breeds: the hipster with his retro fixie, unnecessarily rolled-up skinny leg jeans ('They're not going to catch!' he rightly pointed out), and a basket on the front containing vinyl records and a loaf of brown bread; and then of course there's head-to-toe lycra clad bloke in his mid-40s.

The cultural analysis continued with the less-than-dapper Jordy, John Fothergill. We laughed until fizzy drink came out of our noses as he amiably assaulted - verbally, to clarify - the audience's self-proclaimed American, Scottish and Irish heritages, then moved on to demonstrate his shagging abilities before nearing the end of the show with a series of risky and highly unacceptable pedophilia-esque cracks that, luckily, did get a laugh.

A riotous audience and a trio of punchline-perfect Poms (I was surprised none of them were Scots actually, seeing as they are the best of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival) made for a fast-paced one hour show that is definitely funny enough to make you feel like you've done sit-ups when you haven't. Best possible outcome.

WORDS: Ami-Leigh O'Donnell-Beggs

By AMILEIGH, 12 April 2012
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